Meacox Beach Black - White Shower Curtain with Black Embroidery

Meacox Beach Black - White Shower Curtain with Black Embroidery

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The heavily-woven, white Southampton Shower Curtain with black embroidery is a charming centerpiece for a luxurious bathroom, offering you and your guests a place of comfort and reprieve. With its soft texture, intricately woven pattern, and classic embroidery, the curtain will add to the polished aesthetic of your home, thoughtfully tailored for your guests’ serenity.

  • PREMIUM WHITE CURTAIN WITH BLACK EMBROIDERY- Black geometric border adds a modern touch to a classic white curtain
  • NO BILLOWING – Heavy-weight (250 GSM) material prevents the curtain from billowing and wrapping around you in shower. Hangs straight from curtain rod.
  • LUXURY LOOK – Woven jacquard fabric that looks and feels elegant; noticeably thicker and softer than other shower curtains. White embroidered curtain holes instead of grommets.
  • PREVENTS MILDEW - Soft-cotton interwoven with polyester for durability and water resistance; machine washable
  • STANDARD SIZE- 72 in. x 72 in. curtain fits most showers and baths

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